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In each 15 minute show we’ll be discussing the latest news relating to tax evasion, tax avoidance and the shadow banking system. Joining us will be experts in the field who will help us analyse the top stories each month.

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Edition 10: October

In October’s Taxcast: Helsinki declares itself a tax haven-free zone, Starbucks joins the tax avoidance Roll of Dishonour and we follow the money: asset recovery, dictators and the selling of secrecy.

Edition 9: September

In September’s Taxcast: A whistleblower reward threatens Swiss banking secrecy – where will the money go next? Bangladesh considers expanding a regressive VAT tax and Professor Prem Sikka on the neglected role of the Big Four accountancy firms aka the ‘pin-stripe mafia.’

Edition 8: August

In August’s Taxcast: Capital flight in Africa and now in Europe, Olympian Usain Bolt fails to champion his tax affairs and the Spirit Level writers Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on tax and inequality. There’s even an extra minute this month!

Edition 7: July

In July’s Taxcast: why there are no prosecutions at HSBC bank, a tax justice victory in Norway, new research reveals the amount of offshore wealth is higher than anybody thought. And we look at the temporary tax haven of the London Olympics.

Edition 6: June

In June’s Taxcast: celebrity tax avoidance, Greece’s missing billions, what should have been on the G20 agenda and trade mispricing – the tricks of the corruption trade.

Edition 5: May

In May’s Taxcast: Tax haven insiders speak out, the co-founder of Facebook ‘unfriends’ the US, and Europe considers a Financial Transaction Tax.

Edition 4: April

In April’s Taxcast: Amazon’s tax affairs, the global tax cut race to the bottom, India tackles tax havens and the miners in Zambia who pay more tax than the multi-national mining company.

Edition 3: March

In March’s Taxcast: Apple i-tax dodging, reclaiming Arab Spring country assets, the rich country club of the OECD and the ABCs of setting up letterbox companies. It’s child’s play!

Edition 2: February

In February’s Taxcast: Are City of London Police really serious about prosecuting financial crimes? Are bankers paying fair taxes on their bonuses? And how Facebook is saving billions in tax via Ireland and Bermuda.

Edition 1: January

In our inaugural TaxCast, we discuss the implications of the Vodafone vs India landmark tax case, compare Bill Gates and Mitt Romney’s attitudes to taxation and visit the Occupy camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.